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Transfer your VHS tapes to DVD, Blu-ray discs or USB drives at Walgreens. Save a lifetime of memories by visiting an in-store kiosk or Walgreens.com.


Find out how much it costs to convert VHS to DVD and more. and order online here at Video2DVDtransfers. Payment is taken after successful transfer.


Feb 20, 2021 ... At the time of the original transfer, a DVD can be obtained by paying an additional amount of $3.96 per DVD while if you order the DVD within 60 ...


Ditch the VCR! Legacybox professionally digitizes, restores & transfers VHS tapes by hand in the USA for you to enjoy on DVD, thumb drive or the cloud.


Aug 12, 2018 ... At Costco you'll pay $20 for up to 2 hours of VHS content. At Walgreens the cost is $35 for one tape-to-DVD conversion. (Blu-rays are more ...


Jan 1, 2019 ... If you have home movies on VHS, here's how to put them on DVD. These are the best converters, and where to convert if you'd rather have ...


Aug 27, 2016 ... Each transfer begins at $19.99 and each DVD can hold up to two hours of video. If the footage on your tape exceeds the two-hour limit, the ...


Jun 23, 2020 ... How much does it cost to transfer VHS tapes to DVD? ... The cost for a typical video tape to DVD transfer service ranges from $9.95 to $39.95 per ...


Convert VHS to DVD service, 8mm Film to Digital, and many more Video Transfer Services. ... Movie Film to VHS tape: use above footage charge + $24.99.


For transfers to DVD, we charge by the tape. A DVD can hold up to 2 hours of video. If your VHS tapes are a full two hours, plan on one disc for each tape.


The cost savings can be significant—our family saved between $500 and $1,000 by doing it this way. Most converters, like the one my mother used, cost less than  ...