A non-surgical tooth extraction ranges in price from $75 to $300, as of 2015. The price varies depending on the tooth, dental fees, the type of anesthesia and the general cost of living in the geographical area. For emer... More »

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Tooth extractions are expensive due to the costs associated with dental procedures in general. The equipment used in dental procedures, such as extractions, including the chair and overhead light, the anesthesia applied,... More »

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A low-income patient can get affordable tooth extraction services through dental schools, clinical trials, local health departments and nonprofit organizations. Dentists often recommend a tooth extraction when the tooth ... More »

As of 2015, the average cost for a tooth removal is approximately $230 for a medically necessary simple extraction, with out-of-pocket expenses of about $87, according to CostHelper. For a surgical extraction, the averag... More »

Good places to check for free tooth extraction services are local free clinics or dental offices that participate in charitable dental networks, which provide basic dental services at no cost. Dental service providers su... More »

The amount of time to wait after a tooth extraction before you can get a bridge or implant is determined by factors such as the position of the extracted tooth and the condition of the supporting bone. When these conside... More »

Animated-Teeth.com points out that substantial healing occurs in the two weeks after a tooth is pulled, with all the soft tissue healing completed by the end of the fourth week after the extraction. According to WebMD, r... More »