The International Standard Book Number on a book is located on its bar code, which is typically located on the back side of the book or on the title page. It can also be located on a book's copyright page. More » Art & Literature Literature

To receive an ISBN, a self-publishing author, publisher or business must apply to the National ISBN Agency of the country they are operating in. Publishers then must supply the National ISBN Agency with metadata about th... More » Art & Literature Literature

Many self-publishing platforms, such as CreateSpace and Smashwords, offer free ISBN numbers to customers who publish through their imprint. A free ISBN number often comes with restrictions on the marketing and distributi... More » Business & Finance Business Resources
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CreateSpace and Blurb are two of many companies offering free ISBN numbers for writers to publish books. Before choosing to publish your work using a free ISBN, consider your options. CreateSpace offers four different IS... More » Art & Literature Literature

An author uses a book's title to give important information about the contents of the book to the reader. Writers often claim that choosing a title is one of the most important aspects of publishing a written work. More » Art & Literature Literature

Joyce Meyer offers a free book on her ministry website, free downloads at Noisetrade and frequent Kindle searches may turn up a free Joyce Meyer title occasionally. When visiting the Joyce Meyer ministry website, users c... More » Art & Literature Literature

You can find a book without knowing its title by searching for the author, the ISBN or even relevant keywords online. Alternately, you can try a local bookstore to ask a professional or an online book forum to see if the... More » Art & Literature Literature