The average cost of installing solar panels in a house as of 2015 is $17,000 in total. This includes the cost of materials, labor and installation. More » Home & Garden Heating & Cooling

As of 2015, adding solar panels to a typical 3,000-square-foot home requires approximately $60,000. However, depending on incentive programs available at the time of installation, the owner may pay as little as $27,000. ... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

The materials needed to build a solar panel at home are solar cells, tabbing wire, bus wire, a flux pen, a base board, glue, silver solder and a soldering iron. There are many types of solar cells, so speak with your ven... More »

As of 2015, the Kyocera KD315GX-LPB, Canadian Solar CS6X-305M and Grape Solar 390W are highly rated solar panels based on their performance, cost and power output, state LiveScience and TopTenReviews. Purchase and instal... More » Home & Garden Heating & Cooling

Estimate the amount of solar panels needed to satisfy the electrical power usage of your home by dividing your average daily energy use by the amount of solar resource available to your region and multiplying that number... More »

As of February 2015, the average cost of installing a home air conditioning system is between $4,000 and $6,000. This includes expenses such as labor costs, installation materials, site preparation and debris removal. Ho... More »

As of 2015, some efficient solar panels include Sharp's 37.9 percent efficient solar cells, Sharp's 44.4 percent efficient solar panels and the solar cells from the Spanish solar research institute IES and the Spanish un... More » Science Environmental Science Sustainability