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Unlike adding engine oil or brake fluid, recharging an air conditioning system is a job best left to automotive professionals. Read More Auto Repair Stories:.


June 13, 2018 | Car Life. question marks coming from an ac vent to indicate the car needs an ac repair check. Is your A/C blowing warm air, stinky air, ...


Condensers can cost anywhere from $70 up to $500 or more depending on the vehicle. Labor costs vary from $79 an hour for independent repair shops to $150 an ...


Mar 30, 2020 ... Most AC repairs in New Jersey cost between $89 and $1,700 with an average cost of around $356. We know that's a pretty wide range, ...


For Car Air Conditioning Repair, Prices and Questions Call 702-364-0566. We are great at air conditioning repairs! Allied has been serving the overheated ...


Nov 20, 2017 ... Contact your mechanic to schedule an inspection of the A/C system and to find out how much does car ac repair cost.


Includes 3 lbs R134a freon most cars. service takes about an hour. after service done whether it works or not there will be $70 service charge. 1996 and up most ...


AC repairs range from $69 to as much as $1500. The average AC repair is approximately $175. It really depends on the problem at hand and the type of vehicle.


Jun 24, 2015 ... If it is the condenser, it will probably cost about $400 to replace and refill at a shop. I am big on DIY, but I don't have the tools (gauges, ...


Jan 25, 2021 ... Tagged on: AC Repair automotive Cost DIY Worth It.


At Tate Boys, car AC repair is simple, fast, and affordable. Contact us today and we'll have your system back up and running as soon as possible.