Several exercises improve kyphosis, a condition brought about by abnormal posture of the upper (thoracic) spine. Dr. Jeffrey Tucker explains that foam rolling is an essential therapeutic exercise for kyphosis. It involve... More »

Partial crunches and wall sits make good exercises for back pain because they strengthen the back, stomach, and leg muscles and support the spine, explains WebMD. A pelvic tilt is done by lying on the back with knees ben... More »

If a bulging disk in the lumbar spine is causing sciatica, or pain that radiates from the lower back to the leg, doctors often recommend extension exercises, states These exercises help move the pain fr... More »

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There are two methods of receiving disability benefits when suffering from kyphosis of the spine, states Nolo: meet the requirements set in Social Security's listing of impairments or show that a return to work is not po... More »

Individuals with osteoporosis should perform weight-bearing, resistance and flexibility exercises to help manage the condition, explains WebMD. Weight-bearing exercises such as hiking, walking, dancing and stair climbing... More »

McKenzie exercises are extensions of the spine achieved by sitting or standing in correct posture, assuming various positions while lying down on the back or stomach, or flexing the back from a lying, seated or standing ... More »

Exercises, including those using a firm roller and massage ball, can help improve rounded shoulders caused by poor posture, according to Business Insider. The routine should always include at least one chest exercise. More »