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In order to determine the correct Frontline Plus dosage, first you will need to establish your dog's weight. You can either weigh your dog at home, or at the vet's office. Frontline Plus comes in four different boxes.


Summary. Frontline Plus for dogs and puppies is available in four products, each corresponding with a specific weight range of dogs. The dosage is higher for heavier dogs.


Warnings and cautions for FRONTLINE Plus for Dogs & Puppies Direction and dosage information for FRONTLINE Plus for Dogs & Puppies FRONTLINE Plus for Dogs & Puppies


What are the exact dosages for frontline plus dogs for cats? I have used frontline dogs for my 4 cats for over 4 years already. I usually purchase it on ebay and then use a syringe to dole it out in the correct proportions. I was told .5 cc's per cat by multiple sources.


Flea Med Dosage Charts Please Ask your vet for the correct dosing and medications for YOUR animal. This list is just a reference guide and is not intended to avoid veterinary guidance or advice. ... Frontline Plus (Fipronil & (s)-methoprene), use the following guidelines:


3.Transfer all of the Frontline Plus in the 4.02ML tube into a 2 dram or larger glass vial. 4.Using a 1 ml syringe (without needle – never use a needle with Frontline Plus), remove the proper dosage amount from the glass vial.


- One Unopened and Factory Sealed Dose of Frontline Plus for Dogs 89-132 lbs which contains 4.02 ml of Frontline Plus treatment. All Frontline Plus is the same, the only difference with the doses are their size. - Free Shipping! * Frontline Plus Kit Refills for Dogs can be used on your cat.


I spoke to a rep from Merial (the maker of Frontline Plus) about this specific issue. He clearly couldn’t overtly recommend the practice, as it would impact the company’s profit, but when he considered the practice of carefully measuring the correct dose from a larger quantity, he offered no resistance.


Frontline Plus is a topical tick and flea control product for use on dogs and cats. Applied monthly, it kills 100% of adult fleas on pets within 18 hours, and 100% of all ticks and chewing lice within 48 hours. Frontline Plus is also effective in controlling sarcoptic mange infections.


Frontline Plus for cats...could this be your next favorite flea treatment? ... Frontline Cats: Dosage and Application! The dosage of Frontline depends on the cat’s size. Cats and kittens fall into different weight brackets and should use the appropriate pack size for their weight. ... Just be sure to weigh the dog and then select the correct ...