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Sauder, Walker Edison and Leick Home are some TV stand manufacturers that generally get good reviews on Amazon.com and Walmart.com. Stands vary in design, size and price.


In many cases, a DVD plays in black and white because the cables linking the player to the TV are improperly connected or defective. However, there are a number of other issues that cause a DVD to play in black and white instead of color.


The four corners of the world is a phrase that is mentioned in the book of Isaiah in the Bible, but it does not list the actual four corners of the world, since the Earth does not literally have four corners. The Earth is a sphere shape, not a rectangular shape, and the...


The states at the Four Corners are Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. These four states meet at the northeast corner of Arizona, the southwest corner of Colorado, the southeast corner of Utah and the northwest corner of New Mexico.


Some of the most famous black stand-up comedians include Richard Pryor, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle. Other famous black stand-ups include Bernie Mac, Bill Cosby, Eddie Murphy and Whoopi Goldberg.


When choosing a Samsung television stand, consider factors such as the type, size and weight of the television. Other factors to keep in mind are the size of the room, any extra space required around the stand and the overall look of the stand along with the TV.


Target sells TV stands online and at various brick-and-mortar store locations. Target offers TV stands for sale that hold different types of TVs and screen sizes from 20 inches to more than 60 inches.