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Paint bathroom cabinets by removing the hardware, sanding the wood, priming the cabinets, and painting the doors and frame. The process brings new life to older cabinetry in the span of an afternoon.


Building a corner cabinet is a moderately difficult project that requires measuring the space, making the cabinet, assembling the face frame, making the cabinet doors and installing the corner cabinet, and the project takes about 16 hours for a do-it-yourself expert wit...


The modern standard for bathroom cabinet height is 36 inches. However, bathroom vanities can vary in height between 32 and 43 inches.


To organize bathroom cabinets, start by assigning each cabinet a different use, such as a medicine cabinet and makeup cabinet. After that, use a combination of storage containers and labeling to organize them.


Medicine cabinets can come in wood, medium-density fibreboard or faux-wood frames with molding, corbels and beading. Most medicine cabinets have mirrored fronts. Some medicine cabinets are frameless but made out of anodized aluminum or other metal and have adjustable gl...


While most linen cabinets do not fit in a small bathroom, smaller cabinets may work. A bathroom needs an open space measuring about 1 by 2 feet to fit a small linen cabinet.


To install wall-mounted bathroom cabinets, remove the doors. Hold the cabinets in place against the bathroom wall, and trace around the bottom edge and bottom corners to create an installation guide. Remove the cabinets. Locate the studs, and mark the locations on the w...