Fine grade sandpaper or Comet cleanser and a Scotch-Brite Pad are some good scratch removers for Corian. Use mildly abrasive products to avoid damaging the countertop. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Building Materials

Granite countertops offer the most benefits in comparison to Corian and quartz. However, each material offers a variety of pros and cons. Granite and quartz are both easier to maintain than Corian, offering stain, scratc... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Building Materials

Refinishing scratched or blotchy Corian countertops requires a mild abrasive liquid cleaner, a damp sponge or rag and an abrasive pad. The refinishing process is relatively simple and can be executed without professional... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Carpentry
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Pad foundations are placed under structures that have one or more columns in order to provide support. Most of the time, they are square or rectangular in shape. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Building Materials

Paint is removable from tile by using commercial paint removers or home cleaning solutions. Because most commercial cleaners release toxic fumes, some homeowners prefer using natural cleaning options, such as a vinegar s... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Building Materials

To remove rust with household items, scrub the rust with an abrasive product, such as a wire brush or sandpaper, then apply household rust removers like lime, baking soda, vinegar, a potato or soda. Commercial rust-remov... More » Home & Garden Cleaning Cleaning Products

Some common wood floor scratch removers include cover polish, scratch fix pens and filler sticks. The variety of removers addresses the depth and severity of wood floor scratches. More » Home & Garden Appliances