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Leave and Earnings Statement. Understanding Your Leave and Earnings Statement The Interactive LES allows you to better understand your LES. To review a detailed description about a particular section of the LES, click on the section of interest; click on the section description’s title to return to the LES.


If you have a power of attorney (POA) and are requesting Leave and Earnings statements, please follow the process as laid out under the appropriate service, Army or Air Force. You must submit a copy of your POA with your request.


If you've ever faced a deployment, you know one of the first things you'll be told to do for family readiness is to get a copy of your spouse's Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) -- and to make ...


Your monthly Leave and Earnings Statement, or LES, is one of the most important financial documents you have for mastering your money and achieving your financial goals. Use it to budget your monthly expenses and plan for a purchase. Here's how to decipher the code.


A Leave and Earnings Statement, generally referred to as an LES, is a document given on a monthly basis to members of the United States military which documents their pay and leave status on a monthly basis.. Employees in the civil service receive a similar document each pay period, called a Civilian Leave and Earnings Statement, a link to which the Defense Finance and Accounting Service ...


Electronic Distribution of Earnings and Leave Statements (ELS) New employees will receive a hard copy of their Earnings & Leave Statement for the first three . pay periods. Beginning on the fourth pay period, new employees will be required to obtain it . electronically through Employee Express. Employee Express has a website accessible on the


How do employees get copies of their military leave and earnings statements (LES)? Employees can access their LESs through their military pay account, MyPay. MyPay stores only the previous 3 months of LESs for reservists. If employees need copies of older LESs, contact MyPay customer service at 1-888-332-7411.


MyPay only keeps your last 26 Leave and Earnings Statements available on its website. I'm a federal employee, non-military. Where do I obtain an old Leave and Earnings Statement that is more than 26 statements ago?


TERMS USED ON THE LEAVE AND EARNINGS STATEMENT ITEM TERMS MEANING Item 10 FLSA CATEGORY E=An FLSA exempt employee is one who is not covered by the minimum wage and overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA or Act) N=An FLSA nonexempt employee is one who is covered by the minimum wage and overtime provisions of the Act.


Your Pay and Earnings Statement can have various codes on it. Below is a definition chart to help you decode your payslip. This webpage is also available in PDF. Get a copy of your pay slip from myPay