You can download a copy of the 1040 from directly from the IRS website. The forms are found under the heading Forms & Pubs, and current-year 1040 forms, as well as past-year forms, are available for downloading, saving a... More » Business & Finance Taxes Income Tax

Taxpayers can download a copy of an IRS 1040EZ tax form and the instruction booklet from the Internal Revenue Service website. The 1040EZ form and instructions also are available from tax preparation services, such as Tu... More » Business & Finance Taxes

To request a copy of 2013 Form 1040 and instructions, taxpayers can call the IRS' toll-free number during regular operating hours, the IRS advises. Taxpayers can also visit an IRS tax assistance center to pick up copies ... More » Business & Finance Taxes
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To receive a copy of a tax return from the IRS, mail a completed form 4506 to the address indicated on the form along with a check for each year requested, as explained by the IRS. As of 2013, the IRS charges a $57 fee f... More » Business & Finance Taxes Income Tax

Obtain a copy of your tax return from the IRS by completing form 4506, Request for Copy of Tax Return, and mail the form to the address listed on the instruction page, explains the agency. It costs $50 for each return re... More » Business & Finance Taxes Income Tax

To request a tax return transcript, taxpayers can go to the IRS website and request either an online transcript or physical copy, or they can call the IRS hotline and follow the prompts. It is necessary to provide person... More » Business & Finance Taxes Income Tax

You may have the ability to get a copy of your W-2 form online through the employer that issued it, the IRS explains. The IRS provides copies of W-2 forms attached to the completed copies of a taxpayer's return when a ta... More » Business & Finance Taxes Income Tax