Cooperative learning relies on peer interaction and group situations to increase the knowledge of all students. In this manner, students can work together to improve the understanding of the entire group. Diverse groups ... More » Education

Strategies for improving reading comprehension include comprehension monitoring, cooperative learning, graphic organizers, question answering and question generating. Comprehension strategies have been taught successfull... More » Education K-12

During social play, children progress through social stages by interacting with other children in recreational and learning activities. The goal of social play is to progress toward and master cooperative play. Children ... More » World View Social Sciences Psychology
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Multiple studies show that collaborative learning is a good method for students to learn another language. Students enjoy interacting and collaborating with one another. Opportunities to participate in school exchanges, ... More » Education

The Bitstrips for Schools program is designed to facilitate students' learning through the use of comic strips. It is a Web-based program, so there is no software to install. The program is suitable for students of all a... More » Education

McGraw-Hill designs its Connect digital learning program to perform automatic answer checking and grading for accounting students, as well as in other subject areas. Teachers do not grade most of the assignments. Automat... More » Education

Philosophy is defined as "the rational investigation of questions about existence and knowledge and ethics," or "a belief system accepted as authoritative by some group or school," according to More » Education