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Some cool things to build are a shelf with a secret compartment, an indoor climbing rope or an old fashioned pass-through cabinet. Let your passions, be they carpentry, physical fitness or non-traditional home decor dete... More » Hobbies & Games Crafting

Some cool things to make at home are beer and wine, a vegetable and herb garden, earth-friendly cleaning supplies, natural cosmetics and hair treatments, body lotion, bubble bath, toys and finger paints. Some homemade fo... More » Hobbies & Games Crafting
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Dry ice can be made by releasing carbon dioxide gas into a porous container and collecting the residual solid. Obtain a fire extinguisher, tank or cartridge that contains carbon dioxide, then put on heavy-duty gloves to ... More » Science Chemistry

Dry ice is available from both large grocery stores and chemical supply companies. Composed of frozen carbon dioxide, dry ice is often used to help keep foods refrigerated because it is much colder than water ice. Becaus... More » Science Chemistry

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide, a gas at standard temperature and pressure with the chemical formula CO2. Its molar mass is 44.0095 grams per mole. Its boiling point is -69.8 degrees Fahrenheit, and its subl... More » Science Chemistry

A dry ice bomb is constructed by confining solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) in an enclosed container and allowing it to sublime into gaseous carbon dioxide until the container ruptures. Warm water is used to accelerate the... More » Science Chemistry