The ?Mentos Geyser? and ?Orange Flash? are two science experiments that are both fun and educational. Supervision and face protection are recommended for these projects. More » Science Chemistry Chem Lab

Three crazy science experiments involved injecting an elephant with LSD, inducing clinical depression in monkeys and creating a mock prison environment. Each of these experiments was done in order to evaluate the behavio... More » Science Chemistry Chem Lab

There are several fun and inexpensive ways to explore science with children, such as observing crystal growth with homemade rock candy. This experiment requires minimal supplies or equipment, and it can easily be perform... More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum
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Some good chemical experiments for science class include testing the evaporation times of different liquids, analyzing the cleaning potency of different liquids on coins and examining how much gas different liquids produ... More » Science Chemistry Chem Lab

Some fun ways to get kids interested in science include performing various kitchen chemistry experiments. Find a particular hobby or profession they are interested in, such as flying, and teaching them the scientific con... More » Education K-12

The dependent variable is the measurable factor that changes due to the effect of another variable in an experiment or series of measurements. It has a relationship with the independent variable, which can be positive or... More » Science Chemistry Chem Lab

The function of a test tube is to hold, mix or heat small quantities of liquid or solid chemicals for assays and qualitative experiments. Test tubes also serve as temporary storage for chemicals to be used in chemical ex... More » Science Chemistry Chem Lab