A cool math game that is available online is "2048" and is offered as a mobile application. Cool Math 4 Kids offers math games geared toward children, including "The Timernator" and "Arithmetic Game." More »

To play the game "Copter" by Cool Math, click and hold on the left mouse button to make the helicopter fly up. Release the button to fly down, and avoid making the helicopter explode. More »

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Cool Math Parking Mania is an online math game designed to teach students concepts of math while playing an interactive game. The object of the game is to park an animated car using the arrow keys without crashing into s... More »

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The top rated math game according to Amazon.com is Clumsy Thief. As of July 2015, Clumsy Thief has an overall rating of 4.9 out of five stars, as rated by 49 users. Another top rated math game on Amazon.com is called Thi... More »

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Examples of online math games about cooking include "Measure and Mix Chocolate Chip Cookies," "Cooking Vanilla Ice Cream" and "New York Pizza Cooking," as of 2015. Additional games include "World Class Chef USA," "Fantas... More »

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In math, the mean is the average of a set of numbers. To determine the mean, add all numbers in a set and take this answer and divide it by how many numbers are in the set. More »

"Digits" are the symbols or characters used to represent a number visually. A number like five contains one digit, whereas a number like 555 contains three digits. This is easily seen when they are written as numerals: 5... More »