Good gift options for a sister include cool headphones, sports gear such as cycles and yoga mats, jewelry or fashionable accessories. Watches and gift coupons are also popular gift choices. More » Holidays & Celebrations Gift Giving

A few gift ideas for a teenage boyfriend on Valentine's Day are a cell phone cover, a cool T-shirt or his favorite team's jersey. A teen boyfriend may also find a set of headphones or cologne to be thoughtful, practical ... More »

A person can fall asleep faster by minimizing outside noises and distractions, using relaxation techniques and keeping cool. Other habits that help with falling asleep include writing in a journal a couple hours before b... More » Health Older Adults

Appropriate gifts for those turning seventy will naturally vary depending on the recipient's gender and personality; however, gift cards for experiences and activities are among some of the most commonly suggested idea... More »

An appropriate gift for a debutante is a piece of jewelry. If the ball is dedicated to a charity, giving a donation is also appropriate. More »

The Thirty-One Gifts catalog sells a variety of items that include home organizers, storage cubes, accessories, wallets and jewelry. It also features a variety of women’s bags, including tote bags, lunch bags, carry-alls... More » Holidays & Celebrations Gift Giving

Thirty-One Gifts sells purses, totes, wallets, thermals, jewelry and home accessories. The Columbus, Ohio-based company also sells fabric key chain straps, coin purses, makeup cases and card sets. Products for the home i... More » Holidays & Celebrations Gift Giving