Some cool games for cool girls include “Little Big Planet,” “Warioware: Smooth Moves” and “Mario Kart.” These games emphasize problem solving and friendly competition without excessive violence. More »

The hardest game on Cool Math Games is called "World's Hardest Game." It consists of moving a red square to collect yellow circles while avoiding fast-moving blue circles. The game features 30 levels, and players can sel... More »

Some cool action games are "Samurai Rebellion," "Earth Taken 2" and "Band of Heroes." These are all online action games that are free to play. More »

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Some popular games for girls include “Little Big Planet,” “Guitar Hero,” “Warioware: Smooth Moves” and “Mario Kart.” These friendlier, less violent games are more likely to appeal to casual female gamers. More »

Some similar games to “Little Big Planet” include “Portal 2” and “Braid.” These games contain inventive puzzle solving elements in the spirit of “Little Big Planet.” More »

There are many cool games that work perfectly for a group of friends sitting around a bonfire, including Truth or Dare, Telephone and Two Truths and a Lie. Since they center on the fire, bonfire games typically need to b... More »

"Sara's Cooking Class: Black Forest Cake" and "Cake of Fun" are some good girls' cake-making games. These games offer multiple levels of gameplay that become progressively more challenging. More »