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Panda's Dream So Cool Eye Stick This little burst of cooling eye cream is infused with bamboo and seawater extracts that soothe and hydrate all skin types. Panda's Dream Brightening Eye Base This portable panda eye base helps alleviate those dark circles with Pearl Extracts, Chrysin, and brightening peptides. ...


Uses for Eye Cool. Ophthalmic phenylephrine in strengths of 2.5 and 10% is used to dilate (enlarge) the pupil. It is used before eye examinations, before and after eye surgery, and to treat certain eye conditions. In the U.S., these preparations are available only with your doctor's prescription. Before using Eye Cool


*Self-reported clinical data, 2016. †Euromonitor International Limited: Consumer Health Eye Care Definition, retail value share, 2016 data


Meet COOL Eye Covers: freezable eye covers made to fit the Manta Head Strap you already have. Designed to bring the soothing power of cold therapy to your Manta, COOL Eye Covers are for you whether you suffer from puffy or irritated eyes, dark undereye circles, headaches or sinus pressure.


Iconic looks start with a stroke (or two!) of Laura Geller's iconic cool eye shadow palette, inspired by downtown Manhattan. Sweep, blend, and accentuate your lids with your favorite shade for rich, stay-true color that defines in a New York minute.


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20 Facts About the Amazing Eye. Discovery Eye Foundation June 10, 2014 Anatomy of the Eye, Cornea, Eye Health. 6/10/14. We don’t often give our eyes as much thought as we should, that is until something goes wrong and our vision is affected. But when you learn more about eyes, you realize just how amazing they are. ... Discovery Eye Foundation.


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10 Strange Things That Can Happen To Your Eyes. Max Cooney. . . ... 10 Cat Eye Syndrome. An extremely rare chromosomal disease, cat eye syndrome appears at birth and is a lifelong condition. The syndrome was named after its signature symptom—an absence of tissue in the eye, which causes the pupil to narrow and push itself into the iris ...