Bubbles, Dory, Atlantis, Bob, Calypso and Husker are a good name for Betta fish. Funny, cute or creative names make appealing name choices for these aquatic pets. More »

To care for a Betta fish, a person will need to be able to create a proper living environment for the fish, feed the fish appropriately and ensure that all male Betta fish are kept away from other Betta fish (the males a... More »

Betta fish changing color is known as marbling and is due to a genetic trait that determines the fish's color; it allows the fish to change coloration from one day to the next. The jumping gene can affect coloring and th... More »

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A crown tail betta is a type of Siamese fighting fish with spectacular fins and tail. The huge tail and fins seem divided into the points of a crown and have intense colors. One type of crown tail betta has a split tail,... More »

Betta fish live about 3 years on average, although some perfectly healthy fish may only live for 2 years. Some long-lived betta fish in captivity can survive for up to 10 years, but the majority have a lifespan of less t... More »

Betta fish approach their prey while swimming sideways. Betta fish are primarily carnivorous surface feeders that consume zooplankton, crustaceans, the larvae of mosquitoes and other water-bound insects. More »

Betta fish sleep at night or when it is dark. Since they do not have eyelids, betta fish sleep with their eyes open. They often look pale when they sleep. More »