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The Best Cookies With No Butter Or Margarine Recipes on Yummly | 3-ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies, Forgotten Cookies, Almond Café Cookies. ... Simple Sugar Cookies No Butter Recipes. Skippy Truffle Cookies Skippy. firmly packed brown sugar, semi-sweet chocolate chips, eggs, baking soda and 1 more .


These 9 amazing cookie recipes without butter or margarine will amaze you! It’s pretty impressive how much times have changed. In the nearly four years since I started my blog, margarine (the old go-to sub for butter in non-dairy cookie recipes) has gone from totally-acceptable to something that people avoid as much as possible.


Turns out that Snickerdoodles cookies without butter might be even more delicious than those made with butter!. Also, I knew that vegetable oil is cheaper than butter, but when I did the math I was surprised to discover that butter is actually six times more expensive than vegetable oil.


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How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies Without Butter: Today when I came home from class, I really wanted something sweet. I was excited because I knew we had everything it took to make cookies.. or so I thought. We are almost out of butter! Which never happens, by the way. I'm a butter fanatic. I fou...


This is an accidental adaptation for the no-butter sugar cookie recipe found on the blog: A Foodie Loves Company. I say accidental because her recipe calls for 2/3 cup canola oil however I substituted vegetable oil and accidentally used 3/4 cups instead of 2/3 cups. They still turned out quite nicely.


i am always on the lookout for cookie recipes without margarine. is there a way to add some peanut butter to it- that would take it over the top! (i checked out the choc. chip pb oatmeal cookie but my daughter doesnt like oats in her cookies) any ideas how to add peanut butter would be appreciated:-)


Fluffy Sugar Cookies Without Butter: these sugar cookies are incredibly easy,all ingredients used are easily found in a normal household. Doesn't contain butter as unsalted butter is sometimes hard to find.with just 6 ingredients this recipe is incredibly variable,This recipe takes n...


Stir and Drop Sugar Cookies. 184 Ratings. 55 Comments. Prep 40 min; Total 40 min; Servings 48; When you're short on time but still want homemade cookies, make a no-nonsense no-roll sugar cookie with all the sweet flavor of traditional rolled cookies. ... These cookies are fine. I was skeptical because there's no butter in the recipe. They came ...


Recipes / Drop Cookies. Community Pick. Grandma's Soft Sugar Cookies. Recipe by Cheryl E. Not sweet. Great with coffee or tea. More like biscuits and not chewy-CRUNCHY! ... Drop by heaping teaspoon approx 3" apart on an ungreased cookie sheet. Flatten with bottom of glass moistened with water and dipped in sugar.