The cookie-cutter shark spends most of its life at the bottom depths of the sea but will swim closer to the surface to seek prey at night. These sharks live in the warmer waters near the equator. More » Pets & Animals Marine Life Sharks

Tiger sharks probably have a wider diversity of prey than any other shark species. Their primary prey species include fish, sea turtles, mollusks, sea birds and other sharks, but virtually anything swimming in the ocean ... More » Pets & Animals Marine Life Sharks

Mako sharks prey on a wide variety of pelagic fishes, including mackerels, herrings and salmon. Examination of specific populations from Cape Hatteras to the Grand Banks of Newfoundland indicates that the bluefish is pre... More » Pets & Animals Marine Life Sharks

The fin of a shark that occasionally breaks the water's surface is called the dorsal fin. According to the ReefQuest Centre for Shark Research, it is actually rare for this to happen, as sharks typically swim mid-water o... More » Pets & Animals Marine Life Sharks

Fish can survive in frozen water because only the surface of the water freezes; the fish are able to live life as normal at lower depths beneath the ice. Oxygen is trapped beneath this ice layer, and fish and other creat... More »

Male sharks are referred to as bulls or simply as males. Female sharks are only referred to as females, and the offspring of sharks are called pups. More »

If you are attacked by a shark, it is important to fight back and get out of the water as soon as possible, but there are also important tips to learn to avoid a shark encounter. Sharks generally don’t like to eat humans... More »