To make a pork loin roast, preheat the oven, cover the roasting pan with foil and make a garlic rub. Cover the pork loin with the rub and roast the pork in the oven. Pour leftover pan juices over the pork before serving. More » Food Cooking Meat

While varying by the cooking method and particular recipe, common ingredients used to cook a pork loin include oil, an acid, and herb or seasoning mixtures. Pork loin supports roasting, broiling, slow cooking, brining an... More » Food Cooking Meat

Ina Garten's recipe for roast loin of pork with fennel involves making a mustard sauce with garlic and herbs, coating a pork loin with the sauce and baking the pork loin along with vegetables. The recipe is available on ... More » Food Cooking Meat
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Herbs to season a pork loin roast can include thyme, basil, garlic, rosemary, parsley, sage, fennel, dill, cumin, coriander or caraway seeds. The herbs can be used to crust the pork before cooking or can be added at the ... More » Food Cooking Meat

A pork loin roast is cooked thoroughly when its internal temperature is at least 145 degrees Fahrenheit, as measured with a food thermometer before removing the pork from the cooking source. Let the meat rest for at leas... More » Food Cooking Meat

One good way to prepare a pork loin roast is the follow the roast pork loin recipe from the Food Network Kitchen. A boneless center-cut pork loin is seasoned, seared and then roasted in an oven until it is done. More » Food Cooking Meat

The Betty Crocker website contains a chart explaining the cooking time for pork loin roast as well as a number of other cuts of pork, beef, veal and lamb. The chart also includes the cooking temperature, the desired inte... More » Food Cooking Meat