In general, a prison record doesn't affect someone's ability to leave the country, but convicted felons who intend to travel abroad should understand that the nature of their crime and the terms of their release may affe... More » Government & Politics Crime

The ability to travel abroad depends on the nature of the offense and the country to which the person is travelling, according to USA Today. Countries individually create standards for entry. A person currently on probat... More » Government & Politics Foreign Laws

Depending of the nature of the offense, as well as widely diverging local and state regulations that stipulate what kinds of jobs and where convicted felons are allowed to work, finding jobs is often much more difficult ... More » Government & Politics Crime
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Some prison release programs are state and federal housing voucher grant programs, resume writing, job-search assistance services and social mentoring. Re-entry programs exist to aid prisoners both after release and whil... More » Government & Politics Crime

Certain inmates can request parole in order to earn early release from prison, explains Parolees must adhere to certain conditions and restrictions to remain eligible for parole. Federal inmates convicted of... More » Government & Politics Crime

A fifth-degree felony in Ohio is a crime that, if convicted, carries a prison term of between six and 12 months and/or a fine of up to $2,500. Crimes that are considered class 5s in Ohio include illegal gambling, breakin... More » Government & Politics Crime

A life sentence in prison varies depending on the crime and whether or not the sentence was life in prison with or without parole. Prisoners sentenced to life without parole may be incarcerated until their deaths. More » Government & Politics Crime