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(HRC). Rockwell. C scale hardness. (HV). Vickers hardness. Brinell hardness. (HB) 10mm ball load 3000kgf. Rockwell hardness*3. Rockwell superficial.


003 Approximate Hardness Conversion Numbers for Nickel and High-Nickel Alloys. Vickers ... 45 kgf 45 kgf. 15 kgf. 45 kgf. (HV). (HBS). (HRA). (HRB). (HRC).


The following two conversion tables come from standard ASTM A 370. Table A is the comparison between Rockwell C Hardness, Brinell Hardness, Vickers Hardness and ...


What is Vickers hardness (VH)? How to convert from HRC and VH to HB? The Brinell hardness will scale the hardness of materials by the penetration depth of an ...


An example would be converting HV/10 or HR-15N value on a thin coating to the HRC equivalent. Links To: Hardness Testing · Rockwell Hardness Test · Rockwell ...


HRC = 0.091HV - 2.4. The 28HRC limit previously given in MR 0175-99 (now superseded) for wrought UNS S31803 austenitic/ferritic stainless steel is ...


The requirement to convert from one hardness test scale to another is quite common ... Vickers. HK. Knoop. Rockwell A. HRA. Rockwell B. Rockwell C. HRB. HRC.


HRC, HB, HV, HRA, Rm (Tensile Strength). Diamond penetrator, Brinell 3000 Kgf, Vickers 30, Diamond penetrator, N/mm MPa ...


Convert Hardness between HB, HV, HRC, and HRB · What is Hardness? · Hardness measurement and ...


Hardness Conversion Chart Brinell HB Vickers HV Rockwell HRB HRC Ultimate Tensile Strength UTS.


Steel hardness conversion chart: Shows equivalents using Brinell, Rockwell B and C ... Brinell Hardness HB, Rockwell C - HRC, Rockwell B - HRB, Vickers - HV.