One liter is the equivalent of approximately 0.2642 gallons. As both terms are measurements of volume, one can convert between the two by utilizing the fact that there are about 3.785 liters per gallon. More » Science Measurements

To convert a liter to a gallon, set a proportion of one gallon to the number of liters it contains versus the number of liters known to x gallons. A gallon is legally defined in the United States as 2.31 cubic inches, or... More » Food Food Measurements

According to the Exploratorium's measurement guide, 2 liters is approximately equal to 1/2 gallon or 8 cups. Metric liters are converted to U.S. customary gallons by multiplying the number of liters by 0.264. The precise... More » Science Measurements
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One cup of water is equal to eight fluid ounces, 0.5 pints, 0.25 quarts and 0.06 gallons when using U.S. standard measurements for volume. The metric equivalent of one standard U.S. cup is .95 metric cups. More » Science Measurements

There are four quarts in a gallon, assuming that one is using U.S. quarts and U.S. gallons. However, the ratio varies if using non-US units of measurement. More » Science Measurements

A volume in cubic feet can be converted to imperial gallons by dividing by 0.134 or multiplying by 7.462. A gallon is also a metric unit of measurement, but a different volume than an imperial gallon. To convert cubic fe... More » Science Measurements

The amount of gallons of beer in a keg depend on the keg size. The standard size keg is called a full-size keg, which holds 15.5 gallons of beer. More » Science Measurements