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Convert and restore your memories caught on videotapes to DVD and digital formats using the nation's best transfer services.


We convert HD video shot on HD video cameras and recorded on mini-DV tapes to SD video files or DVDs. Digital Pickle transfers any type of video tapes to DVD ...


High tech videotape conversion meets simple mail-in with out Video to DVD transfer service so you can relive the good ole days digitally. Toss the VCR.


We offer video transfers services from all video tape formats, 8mm, Hi8, Mini DV, VHS-C and VHS tapes. Tape to DVD. 1-3 tapes to transfer. $29.99ea.


Apr 6, 2017 ... Video: Convert your VHS tapes into digital files ... service at their locations or online for about $20 to $35 per tape transferred to DVD.


Plug in the conversion cable to the video camera using the firewire. Plug the other end into your CD recorder. This method will give you a copy of your ...


Videotapes were surprisingly fragile, and all too often, they ended up broken. So, if you have damaged tapes can you still transfer a VCR tape to a DVD with ...


Please see vital step left out from this video at my linked YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtU6UtqPzEoTransfer your family VHS tapes to DVD.


Sep 5, 2021 ... TAPE TO DVD TRANSFER (for consumer video tapes, excluding Betamax). DVD's are delivered in slim library cases with an insert you may write ...


We transfer movie reels and tapes to DVDs to watch on your TV, and we can convert them to digital files for editing later! Film Reels to DVD - Standard DVD ...


Convert your old VHS Videos to DVD by Gerry Duffy. He can provide you with a professional VHS to DVD transfer service to cherish your old memories forever.