For a convection cell to be set up in a fluid, it must be heated from below and be able to radiate heat from the top. Convection cells occur when a particular packet of fluid becomes trapped in a cycle of heating and coo... More »

Cell elongation is the lengthening of a cell during the cell differentiation process in the growth of a new organism or during movement in mature plants. Cell elongation occurs in both plants and animals. More »

Stem cells are cells that have not yet differentiated into a specific type of cell. Several types of stem cells with different characteristics are currently available for use in the medical field. More » Science Biology Cells
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Common examples of convection include the boiling of water where bubbles become visible at the top, drinking coffee where steam rises upwards, using a fan to cool off the body and heating a room during the cold season. C... More »

Convection is the heat transfer due to the motion of a fluid, such as a gas or liquid, that carries heat energy away from a heat source. Conduction instead occurs between materials in contact with each other without any ... More »

Mantle conviction is the process in which heat is transferred from the Earth's core to its surface; heat is released from the core and rises, causing temperature fluctuation where the excess temperature from the hot magm... More »

Naphtha is used as a fuel, metal cleaner, solvent for substances such as heavy oil and as a material in the production of lighter fluid and high-octane gas. It is a volatile, colorless and flammable liquid composed of hy... More » Science Chemistry