Contract bridge scoring tracks the points from the two sides in a game of contract bridge match. In each hand, after the tricks have all been played, the teams record their scores and then begin the next hand. More » Hobbies & Games Card Games

To complete an American Contract Bridge League duplicate score sheet, enter the game play information before tallying the score for each board, or hand. A score card includes information on the players, the number of tri... More » Hobbies & Games Card Games

Chicago players can score after a contract, when overtrick and contract points are assigned, and via two types of bonus: the slam bonus and another bonus in the event a redoubled or even doubled bid is made. A defeated t... More »

Players are awarded points for making their contract or bid in rubber bridge, which is also known as contract bridge. The first team to score 100 points wins a game. A rubber is the best of three games. More » Hobbies & Games Card Games

Duplicate bridge is the most commonly played variation of the trick-taking card game contract bridge. In duplicate bridge, the same bridge hand or arrangement of cards is used at every table and is scored based on each p... More » Hobbies & Games Card Games

A bridge club is a place that hosts games of the card game contract bridge, or bridge for short. Bridge clubs might also host tournaments, provide food and match players together to create a full team. More » Hobbies & Games Card Games

The two primary categories of contract bridge scoring are known as duplicate scoring and rubber scoring. In both variations, scores are kept by making tick marks on a score sheet divided into identical sections for each ... More » Hobbies & Games Card Games