A contract agreement must contain the signatures of the parties involved in the contract, as well as clearly stated language that is valid in a court of law in order to settle disputes. Contracts for services rendered re... More » Business & Finance Corporations

Websites that offer sample construction contract agreements include and Construction contracts typically outline a description of services, the scope of the work, plans, specifications, and c... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

Common elements on a service agreement contract include a description of the services to be rendered, a price for the services and a delivery date. The contract also names the service provider and the client and includes... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Business Communications
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In order for a name to be removed from a cosigned loan, all parties would have to be in agreement and would have to speak directly with the loan company about rewriting the contract. Most lenders will not rewrite contrac... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending Personal Loans

Rocket Lawyer notes that in order to write a legally binding sublease agreement contract, the original tenant needs to list the location of the residence, how long the sublease agreement lasts, rent and security deposit ... More » Government & Politics Law

A real estate purchase agreement includes the names of the parties involved in the transaction, the address and legal description of the property, the purchase price, and the signatures of the people buying the property,... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

The judicial branch is the nation's court system; it is in charge of enforcing and interpreting the law as well as resolving disputes. The federal judicial branch is made up of the Supreme Court, the U.S. District Courts... More » Government & Politics US Government Branches of Government