Passengers can Check-In online if they have an eTicket through some airlines, and print out their boarding pass. Passengers may need to specifically purchase an eTicket when booking the flight. More » Geography

To get your Spirit Airlines boarding pass, visit the Spirit website and click on Check-In. Enter your last name and your confirmation number and click the Check-In button. Follow the prompts on the website to choose seat... More » Geography

Print your boarding pass on the last step of the Alaska Airlines check-in process before heading to the airport. If you can't print the boarding passes at home, check in at an airport kiosk, where you are able to print t... More » Geography
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Passengers can print a United Airlines boarding pass from a home computer if they choose the online check-in option. Online check-in is available starting 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. More » Geography

To print a boarding pass for Southwest Airlines, log in to the airline’s website,, 24 hours prior to the flight’s departure time, click the Check In link from the home page, and enter your first and last na... More » Geography

To print a boarding pass, retrieve a valid reservation from a confirmation email or use a reservation code to access it from the airline booking system. Enter the necessary details as prompted such as luggage information... More » Geography

To check-in online and print a boarding pass, passengers must sign in to the airline's website using the record locator number, or confirmation number, and passenger's last name. If online check-in is available, customer... More » Geography