A contempt action in Arizona family court is filed with the appropriate court and must include a detailed description of the actions the opposing party has taken that violate an order of the court, explains Ryan Rappicci... More » Government & Politics Law

The most cited civil contempt of court violations are failure to pay child support, failure to follow a restraining order, denial of child visitation and skipping jury duty, according to Ken LaMance for LegalMatch. Child... More » Government & Politics Law

Some behaviors that may result in a person being held in contempt of court include openly being uncivil to a judge and refusing to pay a court-ordered fine, as defined by the U.S. Department of Justice. When in contempt ... More » Government & Politics Law
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An injunction in a court of law is a court order forcing an individual to stop or do an action. Courts issue injunctions to preserve the status quo or prevent injustices, according to the Legal Information Institute. Iss... More » Government & Politics Law

In the field of law, a cross motion refers to the movement of a second party in response to a motion for action filed from the opposing party requesting action for a judgment on an issue at hand. Submitting a cross motio... More » Government & Politics Law

Alimony payments are set by the court as an official order, and failure to abide by that order carries the same legal consequences as any violation of a court order including wage garnishment, suspension of certain licen... More » Government & Politics Law

According to the law office of Robinson and Henry PC, intentional disobedience of a court order is referred to as contempt of court and the violating party is typically faced with remedial or punitive sanctions. Remedial... More » Government & Politics Law