Contemporary math is a math course designed for college freshman that develops critical thinking skills through mathematics with an emphasis on practical applications. Contemporary math provides students with an alternat... More » Math Arithmetic

Contemporary ITTS, or Instruction Targeted for TABE Success, is an educational program that prepares adults for TABE, or Tests for Adult Basic Education) This interactive, computer-based system is part of the McGraw Hill... More » Technology Computer Programming

Mathematics is the foundation of architecture. The relationship between math and architecture dates back to the earliest examples of man's building of functional structures. In ancient Byzantine, Egyptian, Greek, Islamic... More » Art & Literature Architecture
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In mathematics, adding numbers, items or amounts produces a sum. The word also refers to a group of arithmetic problems given as a classroom assignment. As a verb, to sum is to find the total of added amounts. More » Math Arithmetic

In mathematics, the abbreviation "exp" stands for the word exponent. An exponent is a number placed after another number to indicate the power to which the former number is to be raised. The expression 5 exp 2, for examp... More » Math Arithmetic

In mathematics, the word "evaluate" is a verb that refers to finding or calculating the value of something. This can pertain to financial mathematics or to finding the exact value of an algebraic expression or numerical ... More » Math Arithmetic

Vedic mathematics is the name given to an ancient system of Indian mathematics that's based on simple rules and principles. Its premise is that any mathematical problem, such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry or trigonome... More » Math Arithmetic