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Mar 1, 2021 ... Fast, fabulous and fun, container gardens add zing to any deck, patio or yard. Check out our ideas for pretty plant combinations just right for the ...


May 29, 2021 ... Container size depends on what you're planting, but as a rule of thumb, you want your roots to have nearly as much room in the soil as the plants ...


In that tradition, here are my tips to getting great containers. You probably already know the typical things. Like, plant sun plants with sun plants and shade plants ...


Containers are a great way to start gardening with kids! You can garden with kids with just soil, a bucket, and some seeds or plant starts.


Commercial mixtures are recommended for gardeners who require only a few cubic feet for container plant needs.


Container gardening allows you to create special gardens to fit any situation. You may grow special plants that need a bit more attention to soil and water than you  ...


Feb 14, 2018 ... Planting in containers allows a gardener to easily make changes in location if sunlight or temperatures do not encourage plant growth.


Container and Plant Selection. In order to develop a list of potential plants for your container garden, you should consider a few issues: Where will the pot be ...


Small spaces like patios, porches and decks are perfect for gardening in pots and containers. Grow fruits, vegetables and ornamentals from seeds or plants.


Plant combinations for fall, winter and spring from HGTV Gardens.


Annuals in hanging baskets can add color to a drab patio and banana plants in big pots can turn a swimming pool into a tropical oasis. Containers mix your ...