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Read more about dry eyes and contact lenses. Dry eyes may be caused by an inadequate tear film, which can make contact lenses uncomfortable or even ...


Jun 4, 2021 ... Don't fear the symptoms of dry eye disease every time you wear your contacts. Learn what contacts are best for you and your eyes.


Nov 26, 2019 ... In some instances, wearing contact lenses can actually cause the eyes to dry out. This is known as contact lens-induced dry eyes (CLIDE) and ...


Patients with chronic dry eye benefit from contact lenses designed for dry eyes by our eye doctor in College Station TX. Call to learn more.


Dec 2, 2020 ... The doctors at Monterey County Eye Associates explains how contact lens wearers can properly combat dry eye syndrome and discomfort.


May 1, 2020 ... Soft contact lenses made of silicone hydrogel can help improve the symptoms of chronic dry eyes since this material is designed to prevent the ...


Sep 25, 2020 ... Many of the dry eye patients I see are unaware of the treatment options that could result in their successfully wearing contact lenses.


May 25, 2017 ... This first treatment is called a "bandage contact lens." There is no correction in the contact, and it is only used to medically treat the eye.


Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes. Dry eye syndrome is a condition affecting 5 million Americans. If you have dry eye, contacts can become extremely uncomfortable.


Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes Provided by our Otsego and Minnetonka Optometrists. If you have dry eyes, you probably can't wear a standard pair of contacts.


May 5, 2021 ... Some of these folks may also have dry eye, but contact lenses can also cause dry eye in their own right. According to a study in a 2017 issue of ...