A consumer benefit in consumer marketing is the positive value that a product or service provides to a consumer. A consumer benefit can either be inherent to the product or service, or it can be something intangible that... More »

Grasshoppers are consumers because they are animals. All animals are consumers because they have to eat producers or other consumers. In contrast, plants are producers because they create their own food with the aid of t... More »

Consumer chemistry is a niche branch of chemistry centered on the study of how different elements mix to create consumable products. Consumer chemistry areas include food, fuels, energy, fertilizer, cleaning solutions, m... More »

The goals of marketing research are to help a business refine its marketing strategy, improve products or services, determine where a product should be placed and uncover consumer habits. The scope of marketing research ... More »

Niche marketing involves creating a product or service and marketing it towards a small section of the population. One example of this is a kosher dairy service in New York City that serves the area's Jewish population. More »

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Pricing is an extremely important component of marketing, because it helps determine how many consumers buy a product or service and, ultimately, whether a business succeeds or fails. A business owner must employ a numbe... More »

A low cost pricing strategy in marketing is an attempt by a company to increase sales by offering a product or service at a low price relative to competitors. This strategy, sometimes also called a price leadership strat... More »