An individual can file a consumer complaint with the Better Business Bureau using the BBB online submission form available at Consumers with further questions can contact the Better Business Bureau by phone at (... More »

As of March 2015, the Better Business Bureau handles many complaints about customer service. It is possible to file complaints through the Bureau's official website by clicking on the Start Your Complaint button at the b... More »

Customers can file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, or FTC, by using the online complaint form at Users should click on the hyperlink for the complaint form and answer the questi... More » Government & Politics US Government
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To check a company's Better Business Bureau reputation, search for it on the online BBB directory at, as of July 2015. The BBB rates its accredited businesses on a scale from A plus to F. More »

Use the Better Business Bureau to check out a business by visiting the bureau's website,, and conducting a search for the business in question. After locating its page on the site, check for customer reviews, off... More »

To file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, go to the BBB website, then fill in the nature of your complaint and the business, states the BBB. You are redirected to an online complaint system in Florida to finis... More »

When filling a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, or BBB, consumers need to provide information about the nature of the complaint, the business involved, information about the person filling the complaint and spe... More » Business & Finance Business Resources