As of March 2015, the Better Business Bureau handles many complaints about customer service. It is possible to file complaints through the Bureau's official website by clicking on the Start Your Complaint button at the b... More »

Submit a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission by visiting the commission's official website,, and choosing the option for filing a complaint. The FTC's Complaint Assistant Portal explains the step... More »

One example of a popular online consumer complaint community is the website CarComplaints. This site focuses on automotive complaints, compiling them by brand, model and year of vehicle. More » Technology Internet & Networking
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As of March 2015, the Better Business Bureau handles complaints about websites. The Better Business Bureau even gives tips for finding a physical address for a business if the website does not provide one. However, the w... More »

To make a complaint about North American Spine, go to the North American Spine business review page on the Better Business Bureau’s official website, and click File a Complaint located bellow Customer Complaints Summary.... More »

Complaints against businesses on the Better Business Bureau website can be found under the Customer Complaints Summary section. The complaint type, as well as the total number of complaints, is found there. More »

Find the business address of an online company from the company's website, state business filings or third-party search tools, such as the Better Business Bureau. Third-party marketplaces that sell a company's products m... More »