An octagon is a shape most people can recognize right away; it has eight equal length sides and eight equal angles. You need a ruler, a protractor, a pencil and a piece of paper to construct an octagon.

An octagon has eight interior angles. Octagons have eight interior angles because they have eight sides. Each side must create an angle with an adjacent side to create a closed figure.

The name of an eight-sided shape is an octagon. In addition to the eight sides, the octagon also has eight vertices and eight interior angles. The interior angles add up to 1080 degrees.


An eight-sided shape is known as an octagon. Octagons are flat shapes with eight straight sides.

An octagon is any closed shape with eight straight sides. In a regular octagon, unlike an irregular octagon, all the sides are equal in length. Irregular octagons can look completely different from one another.

A trapezoid is a four-sided shape that has four interior angles. All quadrilaterals are defined by having four sides, four corners and four angles.

A shape with six corners, more often called angles, is a hexagon. It also has six sides. A hexagon is a type of polygon.