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Constant of variation. K represents a constant rate of change. Undefined Slope. Yields an expression with zero in the denominator. Division by 0 is defined.


a comparison of quantities that share a fixed, multiplicative, proportional relationship.


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Terms in this set (10). Which of the following are types of variations? Direct Inverse Combined Joint. If three men working at the same hourly rate are paid a total ...


In order to tell the difference between direct and inverse variation, remember the formulas and understand combined variation.


direct variation. mathematical relationship between two variables that can be expressed by an equation in which one variable is equal to a constant times the ...


True or False: A car travels at a constant rate of 50 miles per hour. The distance the car travels as time progresses is an example of direct variation. True. (There ...


When two variable quantities have a constant ratio, then their relationship is called a DIRECT VARIATION. ➜ WORDS: Direct variation is a relationship in which ...


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