According to Legal Zoom, some of the consequences that can happen as a result of committing plagiarism include expulsion from college, job dismissal and getting sued for monetary damages. While plagiarism is not a crime,... More » World View Social Sciences

Penalties for plagiarism vary depending on if the writer is a student or a professional. Penalties for students range from failing an assignment to being expelled from school, according to Baylor School. Penalties for pr... More » Education Writing

The different types of plagiarism include direct, self, mosaic and accidental plagiarism. All types of plagiarism involve a lack of credit to the source or a misrepresentation of work in an academic, commercial or person... More » World View Philosophy Ethics
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The primary difference between deontology and utilitarianism, two competing systems of ethics, is that the former system is concerned with whether an act is intrinsically right or wrong, while the latter system believes ... More » World View Social Sciences

The Thomas theorem of sociology states "If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences," according to the Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology Online. The objective reality of a situation doesn't ma... More » World View Social Sciences

Social ramification refers to the consequences of actions in a social setting, toward a particular culture or a change in a person's social status. For example, if a person is rude at a cocktail party, he may not be acce... More » World View Social Sciences

Sociology refers to the study and investigation of social life, the changes taking place in society and the consequences and causes of social behavior. The study of structures of societies, groups and organizations is ca... More » World View Social Sciences