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She was afraid of flying, she could not drive a car outside her neighborhood, and she worried that her children would be kidnapped. These concerns took up a ...


Sep 9, 2016 ... Fear is a powerful force that can stop us from pursuing some of our most desired dreams & goals. Read up on how to overcome your fears and ...


Apr 19, 2018 ... A fear of flying can take away from the passenger's flight experience, but ... phobia completely, but it will be one step closer to conquering their ...


Catherine Ackermann is a fear and anxiety coach and motivational speaker. ... The Fly High® is my signature method to overcoming the fear of flying.


Aug 17, 2020 ... It's natural for you to feel nervous or experience anxiety before flying or taking a solo trip. But if you make all the necessary preparations – ...


Aug 9, 2019 ... It's time to get out there and see the world! Read next: How to conquer your fear of flying. Table of Contents. First time flying alone; Planning.


Oct 18, 2015 ... The author of the seminal novel "Fear of Flying" returns with a new take on aging and sex, "Fear of Dying"


Epic, engrossing, transcendental—just like my fear of flying. ... What Dune teaches us with the Litany is that humanity can overcome fear where animals can' t.


Jul 29, 2014 ... Give your phobia a name. Figuring out what triggers your fear in the first place is an important first step toward conquering flight anxiety.


Dec 11, 2019 ... A writer describes having a panic disorder and being afraid to fly, but mustering up the courage to get on an airplane.