The state animal of Connecticut is the sperm whale, as of 2014. The sperm whale was declared the official animal of the state in 1975 by the Connecticut General Assembly. More » Geography United States The Northeast

Some important Connecticut governors were Jonathan Trumbull, Roger Sherman Baldwin, Marshall Jewell, Hiram Bingham III and Ella T. Grasso. George McLean and Wilbur A. Cross were other notable Connecticut governors. More »

Connecticut, one of the original 13 colonies, became a state on Jan. 9, 1788. It was the fifth of the colonies to become a state. More » History Modern History US History
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Connecticut lies in the northeastern United States, as a New England state. Its border states include Massachusetts to the north, Rhode Island to the east, the Atlantic to the south and New York to the west. The southern... More » Geography United States The Northeast

Connecticut was one of the 13 original British colonies in North America and was the place where the first colonial constitution was adopted. The state is more recently famous for being the home of Yale University, many ... More » Geography United States The Northeast

Colonial Connecticut was located in New England, the coldest part of the 13 Colonies. Winters were long, with about 20 inches of snow near the coast and 50-60 inches in the northern mountains. However, summers were mild ... More » Geography United States The Northeast

The preamble and 11 orders enumerated by the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut governed the colony from 1639 until 1662. This document, which governed Hartford, Windsor and Wethersfield, followed other codified laws in N... More » Geography United States The Northeast