In order to connect a computer to a television, the output port on the computer must match the input port on the TV. Locate the respective ports to determine what kind of cord is required. Connect the two devices, then a... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

A computer can be connected to a television using a cable or via wireless technology, but the ideal method typically depends on the available connections on the television and the additional hardware available. Since TVs... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help

Apple's MacBook Air can be connected to a TV using a special adapter and accompanying cable. With these accessories, connecting the MacBook Air to the TV should take no longer than a couple of minutes. More » Technology Television & Video
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To connect a computer to an HDTV, the computer must have an output matching an input port on the TV. Most HDTVs support one of the computer output standards -- HDMI, DVI or VGA -- for connecting a PC to a TV. To enable a... More » Technology Television & Video

A computer processing device is the part of the computer that receives input, processes the input and gives output. In most computers, the central processing unit is the computer processing device. More » Technology Computers & Hardware

The four main components of a computer system are input devices, output devices, processing devices and the storage devices used to store data within the computer system. These are the hardware components of a computer s... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

The five elements of a computer system are datapath, control, memory, input and output. All five of these elements work together to allow the computer to function properly. More » Technology Computers & Hardware