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Congress has a variety of powers, but the three main powers are making laws, declaring war and amending the Constitution. These powers fall under both Houses of Congress.


When members of Congress introduce a bill for legislation, it goes through committee and subcommittee reviews, amendments, subcommittee reporting, and voting to approve the proposed amendments. The Senate or House passes the bill to the other chamber to undergo a simila...


A congressional session is the annual series of meetings conducted by Congress in Washington D.C. The constitution requires Congress to meet at least once every year, although each Congress typically holds two sessions. A meeting of one or both houses of Congress or a m...


To write to a congressional representative, you must identify the appropriate member of congress to contact, confirm his desired method of communication, create a clear and concise letter and provide personal contact information for a reply.


For the most part, congressional elections take place on Election Day, which is the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, every even-numbered year. Special elections may be held on other dates, and each state can set its own primary elections to determine th...


As of 2015, Republican Tom McClintock and Democrat Nancy Pelosi are two of the 53 representatives for the state of California. All the representatives are listed at the official congressional web site, House.gov.


Although there is no central email directory for congressional members, links to Web pages and email addresses of all U.S. senators are available on the U.S. Senate website. Links to web pages and email addresses of all U.S. representatives are available on the U.S. Hou...