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A congressional session is the annual series of meetings conducted by Congress in Washington D.C. The constitution requires Congress to meet at least once every year, although each Congress typically holds two sessions. A meeting of one or both houses of Congress or a m...


Congress has a variety of powers, but the three main powers are making laws, declaring war and amending the Constitution. These powers fall under both Houses of Congress.


A congressional inquiry is a correspondence from a congressman to a federal agency to check on the status of a proceeding. Every citizen has the right to contact his congressman to ask for assistance when he feels an issue he has with a federal department is not receivi...


Congressional elections are held every two years on the Tuesday following the first Monday of November. The elections are always held in even numbered years.


The method to create congressional districts varies by state. The population according to the decennial U.S. census determines the number of voters in each congressional district. After states receive population and other demographic information, each state determines t...


Although there is no central email directory for congressional members, links to Web pages and email addresses of all U.S. senators are available on the U.S. Senate website. Links to web pages and email addresses of all U.S. representatives are available on the U.S. Hou...


A congressional override occurs when the U.S. Congress passes a bill into law in spite of a president's veto. Although presidents have the power to veto bills passed by Congress, the House and Senate have the constitutional right to override the veto. For this to happen...


Each Representative in the United States House is elected from a geographically defined district they represent, and there are 435 total voting Representatives in the United States House. The number of Representatives per state is based up on the state's population.


Congressional committees, which fall into several areas of specialization, accept, analyze, amend and sometimes pass federal laws. The laws enacted and approved by congressional committees ultimately affect citizens as these laws govern the actions of people and set sta...


In the United States, the Congressional Directory is the official directory of the Congress. The Joint Committee on Printing is responsible for preparing the Congressional Directory.