A message of congratulations should include a salutation, congratulatory wishes, reflections on the individual and expressions of support. The message should finish with a reiteration of the congratulations and a closing... More »

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One example of a congratulatory message is "Congratulations on your success! You have made us all proud. Keep up the good work!" Another example is "You worked hard, you deserve it, you have got it! Please accept my cong... More »

Generic messages for a congratulatory greeting card include, “This calls for a celebration,” “You did it” and “Hip, hip, hooray!” Often, the best thing to say in a congratulatory greeting card depends a great deal upon t... More »

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Birthday greeting messages can be written on a handmade card, typed in an electronic message or written on a pre-printed card to express congratulations or well wishes for the year to come. Birthday greeting messages may... More »

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Business emails should include a very clear subject line, a formal greeting with the person's title, a focused message in the body and a formal salutation to conclude the letter. The language in the letter needs to be as... More »

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Letters can be written to friends for a variety of reasons, including to offer congratulations or thanks and to share personal news. These types of letters are called personal letters and serve as a form of communication... More »

When an individual writes a letter to his or her father, he or she should include a salutation that addresses the father, such as "Dear Dad," followed by the body that contains the letter's content and a closing like "Lo... More »

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