Congestive heart failure is a long-term, chronic, progressive disease that is not reversible, according to the American Heart Association, especially when CHF has been caused by damage to the heart that has developed ove... More »

Congestive heart failure, also simply called heart failure, means the heart is not pumping at its normal healthy level, according to Mayo Clinic. Congestive heart failure is not necessarily terminal, but it can be life-t... More »

There is no cure for heart failure, but the condition can be controlled and managed to decrease its progression, as stated by WebMD. Lifestyle modification and medications are used in combination with close monitoring to... More »

Congestive heart failure cannot be cured. It is a chronic, long-term condition that requires close monitoring by a physician. Medicine, lifestyle changes, surgery and medical devices can help in treating the symptoms of ... More » Health Conditions & Diseases Cardiac Health

Early signs of congestive heart failure, or CHF, include tiredness, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and weakness or dizziness. Progression of the disease may result in shortness of breath even at rest, swelling,... More »

Over time, untreated high blood pressure can cause damage to the heart, kidneys, eyes and brain, according to the American Heart Association. It also leads to erectile dysfunction and fluid in the lungs in many patients. More » Health Medical Ranges & Levels

The main treatment options for congestive heart failure are diuretic medications, heart medications like ACE inhibitors or beta blockers, and lifestyle changes. End-stage congestive heart failure patients may require mor... More »