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To estimate concrete costs, acquire the contact information for three concrete suppliers, get quotes from each company, compare the quotes, and choose a supplier. The process will take approximately 24 hours and requires access to a telephone.


Concrete estimators predict the cost and quantity of concrete materials needed for a certain construction project. They make estimates based on research about the data and factors relevant to the project.


You can estimate the cost of installing concrete edging using online calculators that use the cost of materials, supply and labor in your state to estimate total costs. You may have to provide your ZIP code to estimate the cost of labor and purchasing materials in your location.


Concrete is composed of aggregates, which can be any or a combination of sand, gravel or rocks that is held together by cement. The cement itself, when mixed with water, serves as a paste that holds all the components of the concrete together once the cement sets and hardens.


To estimate the cost of installing a concrete pad, determine and sum the costs of materials, labor and tools needed to complete the project. These cost components vary depending on several factors, including whether you are buying or making the concrete slab, the size and condition of the site, the


There are 45 80-pound bags and about 60 60-pound bags of concrete in a cubic yard. Each 80-pound bag of concrete covers about 0.6 cubic feet. There are 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard: 27/.6 = 45.


Types of concrete include normal concrete, high-strength concrete, high-performance concrete, air-entrained concrete, lightweight concrete and pervious concrete. Each type is distinguished by strength level, weight and other unique features.


To pour a 4-inch slab that measures 1 square yard, use six 80-pound bags of concrete, and for a 6-inch slab, use eight 80-pound bags of concrete. One 80-pound bag of concrete covers 4 square feet at a thickness of 2 inches.


To estimate the cost of a concrete driveway, multiply the length times the width to get the square footage, and then multiply that number by the cost of the concrete. The average cost of concrete is between $6 and $9 per square foot.


To estimate the cost of a walkway as of 2015, calculate the total square footage of the path by multiplying the length times the width, and then multiply that figure by $4 to $6 per square foot for a plain concrete walkway. To add one color or a simple finish, use a figure of $6 to $10 per square fo