To repair concrete driveway cracks, clean the crack, fill the crack using textured caulk or pourable grout, and allow it to dry. After the crack is repaired, apply a concrete sealer to help keep water out and prevent fut... More »

Ardex All-Purpose Concrete Resurfacer, Sakrete Flo-Coat Concrete Resurfacer and Quikrete Concrete Resurfacer are three products recommended for resurfacing driveways, walkways and other concrete slabs. All of these concr... More »

To repair cracks in concrete floors, chip the crack into an inverted V shape, clean it using a brush, apply bonding adhesive on the crack's sides, and fill it with a patching compound. Apply the compound over the crack, ... More »

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Tips for repairing a concrete driveway include filling cracks up to 1/2-inches wide with concrete repair caulk and using a polymer-based concrete resurfacer to provide a new, uniform concrete surface. Use concrete patch ... More »

To repair cracks in a drywall, cut out an outline to the depth of the crack on both sides of the crack, fill the crack with an all-purpose joint compound, and allow the compound to dry. Sand and paint the surface to comp... More »

The method of repairing a concrete porch depends on the type of damage; for example, repair narrow cracks using vinyl concrete repair patch. The material comes in tubes that fit caulking guns. Clean the crack, make sure ... More »

To paint wood paneling, sand and clean the paneling, apply caulk to any grooves or cracks in the paneling, and then prime and paint the paneling. Make sure to tape off any areas that are not being painted and cover the f... More »